Puppy and Snail Puppet Set

The Puppy and Snail puppets are included in every Second Step® Elementary classroom kit for Kindergarten and Grade 1, but they can also be purchased separately.

Product # 100008

Price $67.00


The youngest Second Step® learners get involved in skill lessons when Puppy and Snail help teach! These beautiful, quality plush puppets from Folkmanis make teaching fun too.

Irresistible Puppy needs all the help he can get to settle down, but his buddy, Snail—who can retract fully into his shell when things get overwhelming—is all too happy to lend a helping antenna, as long as his young classroom friends assist. This unlikely pair go through Second Step skills, step by step, until they—and students—have them down pat. Snail’s oft-heard refrain of “Slooow down, stop and think” will linger in children’s minds long after the puppets have been put away.

Using the Puppets

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