Purrble® Companions in the Classroom (or Home)

The Purrble companion is a cuddly, interactive toy designed to help kids find calm in moments of stress, overwhelm, and other big emotions. Featured in Time as a 2021 Invention of the Year and in New York Magazine 2022 Only Gift Guide for a 4-Year-Old You’ll Ever Need, the Purrble companion can help students of all ages. In a survey of educators using Purrble companions with their students, 9 in 10 educators agreed it helped students to calm down quickly, and 9 in 10 students liked using the Purrble companion, too!

Product # 105007

Price $60.00


The Purrble companion is both a high-tech tool and soft, furry toy designed to help kids calm themselves in the moment and build resilience over time. When students are calm and focused, they’re readier and more able to practice their Second Step emotion processing skills. Purrble can be used in a variety of school-based settings: in the front office, in discipline-referral situations, one-on-one with counselors or behavioral aides, and in classrooms. Purrble is most appropriate for students ages 5–12, though there is a growing body of research pointing to Purrble’s usefulness with older kids in special education and Tier 2 settings.