Second Step® Bullying Prevention Unit Grade 4 Lesson Notebook + Staff Training

The power to create a positive school climate

Research-based bullying prevention taught in Second Step® Elementary that teachers know and students love. Set a foundation for social and academic success by teaching Second Step Elementary. Then build on those fundamentals with the Bullying Prevention Unit for Grade 4, with training for all school staff and lessons for students.

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Recognizing, reporting, and refusing bullying and understanding the role of bystanders. Includes online staff training.

In the notebook:

  • 5 lessons with Following Through Cards
  • Home Links and Family Letter
  • Lesson DVD
  • Three Rs of Bullying Poster
  • Bystander Power Poster

Online when you register your notebook:

  • Stream lesson media direct to your classroom—online access to lesson photos and videos is included with purchase
  • Staff training
  • Family materials to email home
  • Digital versions of teaching materials
  • Program tracking and school climate tools
Lesson Topics Grades 4–5

Each lesson takes approximately 30 minutes to teach.

  • Class Rules
  • Recognize, Report, Refuse
  • Bystander Power
  • Bystander Responsibility
  • Bystanders to Cyber Bullying

Second Step® Bullying Prevention Unit Grade 4 Scope & Sequence

Bullying Prevention Unit (PDF)

Staff Training

The Bullying Prevention Unit includes training for all staff, with the following online training modules.


Principals and Program Coordinators (45–60 minutes)

  • Understanding the adult/student relationship
  • Understanding and communicating policies and procedures
  • Communicating with families


All School Staff (75–90 minutes)

  • Recognizing bullying
  • Responding to bullying
  • Reporting bullying
  • Making a plan


Teachers and Counselors (45–60 minutes)

  • Exploring the lesson notebook
  • Teaching the lessons
  • Following through
  • Involving families

View a sample scenario from the All-Staff Training, Module 2: Training Demo

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