Second Step® Child Protection Unit for Early Learning–Grade 5

Working together to keep kids safe from abuse

Keeping children safe is a role many adults share. The research-based Child Protection Unit gives teachers the tools to recognize and respond to abuse and the confidence to comfortably teach students about this sensitive subject. The Child Protection Unit for Early Learning–Grade 5 includes age-appropriate lessons on safety, not keeping secrets, and touching.

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Save $154 when you order the Second Step Child Protection Unit for Early Learning–Grade 5, which includes:

  • Early Learning Weekly Themes Notebook
  • Kindergarten Lesson Notebook
  • Grade 1 Lesson Notebook
  • Grade 2 Lesson Notebook
  • Grade 3 Lesson Notebook
  • Grade 4 Lesson Notebook
  • Grade 5 Lesson Notebook
  • Streaming media for all grades, including online access to lesson photos, songs, and videos (also in Spanish for Early Learning–Grade 3)
  • Online Training for administrators, all staff, and teachers and counselors
  • Spanish translations of lessons and teaching resources available on

Please note: Early Learning, Kindergarten, and Grade 1 lessons use the Second Step® puppets, which aren’t included in the Child Protection Unit. You can purchase the Early Learning puppets or Kindergarten and Grade 1 puppets separately, or substitute your own.

Lesson Topics
  • General Safety Rules
  • Ways to Stay Safe
  • Always Ask First
  • Touching Safety
  • Never Keep Secrets
  • Reviewing Safety Skills

Early Learning daily activities each take 5–7 minutes.

Grades K–3 weekly lessons each take 20–35 minutes to teach.

Grades 4–5 weekly lessons each take 35–40 minutes to teach.

Second Step® Child Protection Unit Full Scope & Sequence

Child Protection Unit (PDF)

Family Materials

Although talking to kids about sexual abuse is one of the best ways to prevent it, parents may not know how to begin the conversation or what to say. That’s why we created videos and articles with facts about child sexual abuse and tips for getting the conversation started. And the best part is they’re free to everyone:

Child Protection Resources for Families: Sexual Abuse Prevention

For families with students being taught the Child Protection Unit lessons, family letters help explain the program and adults’ role in child protection. Take-home activities further reinforce skills and encourage family discussions.

Staff Training

The Child Protection Unit truly starts with training for all staff, with the following online training modules.

Early learning and elementary versions of Modules 2 and 3 are available to meet the needs of those distinct settings.


Policies and Procedures (75–90 minutes)

  • Assessing current child protection policies, procedures, and practices
  • Beginning to develop a child protection strategy


All Staff Training (75–90 minutes)

  • Recognizing indicators of abuse or neglect
  • Responding in a supportive way
  • Reporting abuse or violations of school policies


Teach the Lessons (Early Learning: 45–60 minutes, Grades K–5: 60–75 minutes)

  • Teaching student lessons
  • Discussing unsafe or sexually abusive situations with confidence
  • Engaging families

View a sample scenario from the all-staff training, Module 2

sample lessons
sample lessons

Tools to make a difference, for the people who can

Staff Training

Taking a holistic approach to child safety, the unit provides materials and three modules of online training for administrators and all staff members.

Student Lessons

Easy-to-follow, scripted lessons teach children personal safety skills using clear, rules-based, and age-appropriate instruction, giving kids the know-how and avenues to disclose abuse.

Family Materials

The Child Protection Unit extends support to a student’s home, with materials that keep parents informed and videos that help them talk with their kids about personal safety.


We’re 35-year veterans in the field of child abuse prevention, and we’ve partnered with leading experts in the field. We’ve also taken our research and we’ve learned about best practices from our Talking About Touching: A Personal Safety Curriculum and applied the best of it to the development of the Child Protection Unit.

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Second Step Child Protection Unit and National Health Education Standards:
Pre/K | K–5

Child Protection Unit Consultants and Advisors

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