Second Step® Elementary Principal Toolkit

Leadership essentials for schoolwide success

This toolkit provides busy elementary principals with easy, everyday ways to make the most of Second Step Elementary classroom kits. By embedding Second Step® concepts into school practices and policies, principals can sustain a culture of caring, learning, and achievement.

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This resource provides busy principals with easy, everyday ways to make the most of Second Step® Elementary classroom kits.

Reinforce Second Step skills in and out of the classroom, encourage positive behavior with consistent, common language, and strengthen efforts to create a safe, supportive environment.

What’s Inside:

  • 2 scripted all-staff orientations
  • 30 staff meeting activities
  • 24 weekly morning announcements
  • 6 scripts for monthly school assemblies
  • 6 staff handouts to highlight key concepts
  • Office referral conversation guide
  • Access to digital tools on

This toolkit helps principals:

  • Reinforce Second Step skills, in and out of the classroom
  • Encourage positive behavior with consistent, common language
  • Strengthen efforts to create a safe, supportive environment

It matters because students and staff:

  • Recognize emotions and remember how to respond appropriately
  • Understand each other and communicate effectively
  • Collaborate respectfully and practice compassion
Effective Implementation Practices

Learn more in this white paper (PDF) about effective implementation and how the Second Step Elementary Principal Toolkit is here to help.

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