Second Step® Out-of-School Time

A Time to Thrive Together

Give kids in before- and after-school settings a fun, active way to understand their emotions and create a kinder, more empathetic community. Built on the foundation of our trusted schoolwide social-emotional learning (SEL) program, Second Step Out-of-School Time uses play, game mechanics, and voice and choice to bring explicit SEL to out-of-school time (OST) settings. With program training and embedded staff supports, Second Step Out-of-School Time empowers both adults and youth to practice social-emotional skills in any OST environment.

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Second Step Out-of-School Time is a research-based program specifically designed to support essential social-emotional skills and competencies in before- and after-school settings. Twelve durable notebooks contain fun, age-appropriate activities focused on skills like community building, practicing empathy and kindness, and understanding emotions using movement, art, games, and challenges. The program covers three grade bands—Kindergarten–Grade 1, Grades 2–3, and Grades 4–5—and includes illustrations and characters that age along with kids.

Designed to be flexible, Second Step Out-of-School Time provides culturally responsive facilitation techniques and other adaptations to fit activities to kids’ needs. Its structured, sequenced format helps educators engage kids of different ages and abilities in playful, meaningful ways.

Each Second Step® Out-of-School Time kit includes:

Twelve durable, spiral-bound activity notebooks

  • 3 grade bands of activities (Kindergarten–Grade 1, Grades 2–3, Grades 4–5)
  • 4 SEL units per grade band (one spiral-bound notebook per unit):
    • Community Building
    • Growth Mindset & Goal Setting
    • Emotion Management
    • Empathy & Kindness
  • Each notebook contains:
    • 12-13 engaging SEL activities, including performance-task activities designed to demonstrate learning in each unit
    • Custom illustrations that age along with kids
    • Embedded facilitator supports such as attention signals and transition tips, group-management techniques, and culturally relevant teaching strategies

Online program training and program supports

  • A staff training presentation and overview materials provide staff with an understanding of SEL and why it’s important in OST settings, as well as strategies for teaching the program effectively
  • Activities and guidance for site leaders and facilitators to work together to plan program implementation at their site
  • Resources for how to respond to disclosures of abuse or neglect
  • Additional materials including Family Letters, research summaries, and the program’s scope and sequence
  • A Spanish-language version of the program’s staff training presentation

Spanish-language printed components are not included in the English-language version of Second Step Out-of-School Time but are available for purchase separately. Purchase the Spanish-language version of Second Step Out-of-School Time, Second Step® Programa extraescolar, here.

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