Second Step® Early Learning + Second Step® Child Protection Unit Bundle

Set a foundation for a better future

Together, Second Step Early Learning and the Child Protection Unit create a positive and safe learning environment for the whole child. These programs bring together social-emotional learning, executive function, self-regulation, and child safety to foster a safe and supported learning environment for all.

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Save $13 when you order Second Step Early Learning and Child Protection Unit together.

  • Second Step Early Learning classroom kit (includes downloadable Staff-Training Toolkit)
  • Child Protection Unit lesson notebook and online staff training
  • Streaming media for Second Step Early Learning, including online access to Weekly Theme photos, songs, and videos in English and Spanish
Second Step® Early Learning

Skills for Social and Academic Success

  • Research-based, sequenced curriculum teaches essential life and learning skills.
  • Media-rich content engages students and reinforces positive behavior.
  • Fully scripted lessons are easy to integrate into the day.
  • Take-home materials bolster family engagement and support.
  • Interactive training expedites implementation and alignment.
Child Protection Unit

Working Together to Keep Kids Safe from Abuse

  • Robust training helps develop child protection policies and procedures.
  • Online training shows how to recognize and respond to signs of abuse.
  • Age-appropriate lessons teach students clear rules about touching safety.
  • Scripted lessons help teachers and counselors know what to say.
  • Family materials extend support to the home.

Reviews of Research

Early Learning SEL Program Review of Research (PDF)

EL–5 Child Protection Unit Review of Research (PDF)

White Papers

Self-Regulation Skills and the Second Step Early Learning Program in English (PDF)

Self-Regulation Skills and the Second Step Early Learning Program in Spanish (PDF)

Teaching Self-Regulation Skills to Close the Income-Based Achievement Gap (PDF)

Safe, Supported, and Ready to Learn (PDF)

Child Protection in Schools: A Four-Part Solution A Second Step White Paper (PDF)


SEL Program Head Start Alignment Chart (PDF)

Early Learning Child Protection Unit and National Health Education Standards (PDF)

Trauma-Informed Practices in Schools (EL–8) (PDF)

Second Step® Early Learning Scope & Sequence

Second Step Program (PDF)

Child Protection Unit (PDF)

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