Second Step® Early Learning

Improved behavior, improved learning

Help your littlest learners harness their energy and potential by teaching them to listen, pay attention, control their behavior, and get along with others. When students enter kindergarten with the self-regulation and social-emotional skills taught in research-based Second Step Early Learning, they’re set up for success.

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Each Second Step Early Learning classroom kit includes:

  • 28 durable 11″ x 17″ color photo Weekly Theme cards
  • 5 Unit Cards for teachers
  • 1 Join In and Sing music CD
  • 3 colorful classroom posters
  • 1 set of Listening Rules Cards
  • 1 set of Feelings Cards
  • 2 puppets—Boy and Girl
  • Teaching Materials Notebook that contains:

    • 28 Home Link activities
    • Song lyrics
    • 12 Brain Builder games
    • Resources for classroom teachers
  • Access to free online resources with your Activation Key:

    • Stream lesson media direct to your learning environment—online access to Weekly Theme photos, songs, and videos in English or Spanish is included with purchase
    • Planning, teaching, and assessment tools
    • Digital versions of teaching resources and Home Links
    • Spanish translations of lessons and teaching resources
    • Staff Training Toolkit

Second Step Early Learning is designed specifically for multiple-age early learning environments. The program is taught through 28 Weekly Themes that include five- to seven-minute activities to be taught throughout the week. The Skills for Learning Unit teaches self-regulation and focusing attention. Additional units cover empathy, emotion management, friendship skills, problem solving, and transitioning to kindergarten.

Activities, Brain Builder games, and small-group work keep children engaged and help them practice their skills. Boy and Girl puppets encourage participation. The easy-to-use online teaching resources include instructions for teaching and reinforcing the Weekly Theme activities and provide video examples from real classrooms.

Second Step® Early Learning Classroom Kit

Early Learning Scope & Sequence (PDF)

Program-at-a-Glance Sheet (PDF)

Staff Training

New look, new content, more engaging:

  • Two new versions of the Kick-Off Meeting—one for groups, one for individuals
  • Engaging videos on social-emotional learning, problem behaviors, executive function, and self-regulation
  • Infographic-like handouts reinforce key concepts
  • Available with registration on

View Sample Slides (PowerPoint)

Lesson Topics

Weekly Themes Second Step Early Learning skills and concepts are taught through short, daily activities that take 5–7 minutes with little to no prep time.


Skills for Learning

  • Welcoming
  • Listening
  • Focusing Attention
  • Self-Talk
  • Following Directions
  • Asking for What You Need or Want



  • Identifying Feelings (happy, sad)
  • More Feelings (surprised, scared)
  • Identifying Anger
  • Same or Different Feelings
  • Accidents
  • Caring and Helping


Emotion Management

  • We Feel Feelings in Our Bodies (worried)
  • Strong Feelings (frustrated)
  • Naming Feelings
  • Managing Disappointment
  • Managing Anger
  • Managing Waiting


Friendship Skills and Problem Solving

  • Fair Ways to Play (play together, trade, take turns)
  • Having Fun with Friends
  • Inviting to Play
  • Joining In with Play
  • Saying the Problem
  • Thinking of Solutions
  • Speaking Up Assertively


Transitioning to Kindergarten

  • Learning in Kindergarten
  • Riding the Kindergarten Bus
  • Making New Friends in Kindergarten

Program Benefits (PDF)

Ready, Set, Go to School! (PDF)

ASCA Standards Alignment (PDF)

Head Start Alignment (PDF)

Student Assessment

DECA Alignment (PDF)

GOLD Alignment (PDF)

Restorative Practices Alignment (PDF)

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