Second Step® Elementary and Second Step® Middle School Digital Programs

Grades K–8, Single-School Pricing

The Second Step Elementary and Second Step Middle School digital programs are purchased as a single K–8 schoolwide license, so schools can align the programs with all grades they serve. With any license purchase, the cost is the same whether you use one of the grades or all of them. The programs are subscription-based, with your choice of a one-, three-, or five-year license.

You can purchase a single-school license online. If you’re purchasing for more than one school, please call us for details on discounted multisite pricing. If you’re renewing a current license, please contact us. Online renewal is currently unavailable. Sales in Australia and New Zealand are currently unavailable.

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What’s Included

One, three, or five years of schoolwide access for all staff to the Second Step® Elementary and Second Step® Middle School digital programs, including web-based access to all lessons, resources, program training, and schoolwide implementation tools and resources. For details, please see the License Agreement.


  • The Second Step Elementary digital program includes four units for each grade from Kindergarten through Grade 5: Growth Mindset & Goal-Setting, Emotion Management, Empathy & Kindness, and Problem-Solving. Each unit contains five lessons designed to take approximately 15–20 minutes for Kindergarten and Grade 1, and 25–30 minutes for Grades 2–5. The fifth lesson of each unit is a performance task in which students demonstrate evidence of their learning. Included lesson plans provide scripting and support for teachers to guide student conversations. Many lessons also include downloadable handouts to promote student engagement.
  • Second Step Middle School contains four units: Mindsets & Goals; Recognizing Bullying & Harassment; Thoughts, Emotions & Decisions; and Managing Relationships & Social Conflict. Each unit contains either six or seven 25-minute lessons. The program also includes nearly 200 advisory activities, including Class Meetings, Class Challenges, Service-Learning Projects, and Weekly Check-Ins and Check-Outs.

For additional details about the lessons and their recommended sequence, download each program’s scope and sequence:
Download the Second Step® Elementary Digital Program Scope and Sequence (PDF)
Download the Second Step® Middle School Scope and Sequence (PDF)

Program Training
Both programs include customizable, scripted All-Staff Overview presentations for school leaders to orient all staff to the programs’ purpose, structure, content, and supports. For lesson instructors, grade-specific Unit Quick Start Guides provide concise, targeted overviews of each unit’s skills and concepts, research, and teaching tips.

Spanish-Language Resources
Both the Second Step Elementary and Second Step Middle School digital programs include a downloadable Spanish-language Family Letter, as well as downloadable weekly family communications in Spanish that highlight the week’s learning and provide a discussion question for families on the week’s topic.

Additional Resources
Both programs include resources for teachers and school leaders, including extension activities, family presentations and communications, schoolwide pacing guides, lesson observation rubrics, program evaluation supports, and alignment charts. We’ve added even more materials, available in both English and Spanish, to the Second Step Elementary digital program to support student learning, including five songs, nine new art-, movement-, and game-based extension activities. Instructors now also have access to 32 Mind Yeti® mindfulness sessions and four accompanying introductory videos.

Technical Requirements
The Second Step Elementary digital program and Second Step Middle School are accessed and taught entirely from
A connection to the internet is required to access all parts of the programs, including the lessons, program training, advisory activities, and Principal Toolkit. Some resources are offered as downloadable PDFs.
The programs will function best when used on a desktop computer, laptop, or tablet with a common, up-to-date web browser—such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge—and a current operating system.
Although it’s possible to view Second Step Elementary and Second Step Middle School digital program lessons on a mobile phone, we don’t recommend trying to project lessons from a phone for use in the classroom.
Visit our technical requirements page for more detailed documentation.

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