Second Step® SEL for Adults

A Single Schoolwide License Supports All Educators in Your School

Second Step SEL for Adults is a social-emotional learning (SEL) program for K–12 educators. This professional learning program is purchased per school, so all staff can participate. It includes learning tracks for staff and for school leaders. The learning is ongoing and subscription-based, with one-, three-, and five-year options.

Pricing for a single schoolwide license is based on school size (number of students). If you’re purchasing for more than one school, please contact us for details on discounted multisite pricing and to purchase.

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What’s Included

One, three, or five years of schoolwide access to Second Step SEL for Adults for all staff at a single school (Grades K–12), including all learnings, resources, and implementation supports. For details, please see the License Agreement.


  • The first two years of the program are divided into four semester-long modules that align with adult SEL domains of relationships, emotions and stress, equity, and self-efficacy and collective teacher efficacy.
  • The program’s four foundational modules are:
    • Module 1: Building Trust
    • Module 2: Managing Stress
    • Module 3: Equity & Belonging
    • Module 4: Resilience & Efficacy
  • Each module contains four units. Each unit consists of four to eight on-demand, independent microlearnings (approximately 60 to 90 minutes per unit) as well as small-group learning (approximately 30 minutes per unit). Over the course of one school year, staff and school leaders will move through eight units (two modules).
  • For staff, the total time required is approximately 15 to 16 hours for the entire year. Leaders should plan for an additional two to three hours at the beginning of the year to complete the Leader Implementation Plan and kick off the program.

Leadership and Implementation Resources

The program is designed for school leaders to learn along with their staff. Staff follow a Staff Track, while leaders follow a Leader Track that includes:

  • A Leader Team Introduction Module designed to support planning before rollout of the program, with a customizable whole-staff kickoff presentation
  • The same module content that’s in the Staff Track, with the addition of implementation tips and resources for leaders to support their staff along the way
  • Supports for Leader Team meetings, which are monthly meetings to discuss ways Leader Team members can support staff, answer questions, monitor progress, and celebrate successes
  • A Leader Hub resource space in the program where leaders can find whole-staff meeting presentations as well as implementation supports, including pacing guides, an implementation checklist, and alignment documentation

Technical Requirements

  • Second Step SEL for Adults is accessed and taught entirely from A connection to the internet is required to access all parts of the program. Some resources are offered as downloadable PDFs.
  • The program will function best when used on a mobile device, desktop computer, laptop, or tablet with a common, up-to-date web browser—such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge—and a current operating system.
  • Visit our technical requirements page for more detailed documentation.

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